Rooky releases Brand New Single “Luv Me”

Photography by Rick the Photographer.

2021 has been off to a fairly good start, I mean asides the Covid-19 situation and what not but nevertheless we are alive and thriving and that’s what’s important. I got so many reviews on my last release and decided to switch the vibe up a bit and this gave birth to my latest release! An RNB ballad titled “LUV ME” This masterpiece is Produced by Austrian Powerhouse ‘Tony Andrew’ and mix and mastered by Maven’s Finest and Iconic “Andre Vibes”.

On this record, I intend to set the record straight on my intentions for my love affair employing the use of effortlessly sonorous melodies, catchy lyrics and chill-like instrumentation that sets the mood, tempo and vibe for lovers and listeners alike. The message is also clearly stated in the lyrics though there is a switch from Nigerian Pidgin English to normal English here and there but still clear enough to accomplish its mission – your listening pleasure…

Kindly click the link below to access my new music!

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