Rooky Writes Poetry : “The Return of the Pen”

Happy last weekend of January Guys! as we “March” into the new month, I’ve found myself in the arms of my words. My Sophomore Project called “Satori” drops pretty soon and I can’t wait to share all my creative endeavours with you. Here is my attempt to start posting my poetry again (for those who know I write) and for those who don’t ,welcome to “Rooky Writes Poetry” and for today I present to you “The Return of the Pen”

Aaron Burden – Unsplash

Once again

I am compelled to call upon the power of my pen

I scribble out my emotions on paper with ink

I call upon my heart and my mind to think

And I get drunk from the tears I drink

For I only write , from a lesson I learn

Once again

I am kissing Mary Jane

For in her fiery embrace I numb the pain

And even for a moment in time,

The world feels less insane

For I only write , from a lesson I learn

Once again

My heart breaks when I hear your voice

My soul aches when I see your face

For I know you are no longer here

You’re far away , away from lovers fear

And I am left to hurt for I was sincere

For I only write , from a lesson I learn

6 responses to “Rooky Writes Poetry : “The Return of the Pen””

  1. Wonder who Mary Jane is😏


    1. If You don’t get it? Then forget about it 😂 lol


      1. 😂 this was a beautiful writing


        1. Haha you’re welcome 😇


  2. MaryJane keeps coming through when needed, I love her too.


  3. “For I only write , from a lesson I learn” love this part!


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