Rooky and The BAD HVBITS Band dazzles Regina with Afrodisiac in Spring concert! – A Gallery.

Poster by the Exchange Regina.

Friday the 13th is notoriously famous for its scary nature popularly inspired by the movie cult classic but that was not the case this year in the Queen city of Regina. Afro-fusion artist Rooky hosted a concert along with his band called The Bad HVBITS at the prestigious The Exchange, we also saw exhilarating performances by other artists in the city like Lynks, Zochi , Alexander James , Zweii and TOVA. The music was majorly Afrobeats , Hiphop and Rnb and was played by Regina based female DJ “DJ Rain” and hosted by the enigmatic Chris Omas as the MC.

here are some photos from the event shot by Rick the photographer .

The Concept of “Satori” my Sophomore Musical EP. – A few Words.

Satori is a Japanese Buddhist Term which means the experience of awakening (“enlightenment”) or apprehension of the true nature of reality. It is derived from the Japanese verb “to know” (satoru) Often considered an experience which cannot be expressed in words.

Satori as a musical project portrays a musical cocktail influenced by the themes of heartbreak, love , lust and self awareness.

It is a melodic journey of mixed emotions , the feeling of strength in vulnerability , willingness to accept one’s role in toxic attachments as well as moving on from those unhealthy ties , the freedom of expression and the self awareness that you are more than enough in your search for love ,happiness and comfort.

The Project was made in a life span of 18 months with contributions from various artist and producers alike. The first draft for the EP had up to 15 demo songs before it was trimmed down to the 7-tracked sonorous journey.

Satori is best enjoyed when played in the format it was arranged upon release as it tells a story from “Truth bomb” and melodically rides down to “Spaceship finesse” , though with the use of various elements , the themes tie together portraying the experience of Satori which I hope you can find while listening to this project. listen with an open mind and a heart to understand , I would love to hear what you think about this project.

Satori can be found on all streaming digital platforms and also available for purchase below

The Creative process behind my latest single “Inna Eyes”

Created by Rukevwe Emeni

The process of creating this song started from my search on what “Afro” influenced genre or style that I can deliver , I had decided that the instrumentation would guide my song writing as I wanted the muse to guide my Melodies.

It was about 1/2am one early morning and after a remote studio session with my friend and long time producer Skyler “Cools” from Saskatoon. We decided to work on an Afrobeats record which lead to an intriguing brainstorming process. After he laid out the beat idea , I started my song writing process.

Inna Eyes was written with a two dimensional point of view in mind. It’s a love story that speaks about the beauty of requited love and also appreciation of that feeling . while fully knowing the dangers of all that could go wrong but enjoying the moment and staying true to the essence of that love.

The song starts with the whistling and choral “Don’t stop turning me on” from Rooky , accompanied by William Burnett’s guitar licks. For sonically pleasing Melodies we can hear the sonorous voice of Nini Jegz at the Last chorus of the song. After which William comes back with the body swaying “Guitar Solo” which simply differentiates “Inna Eyes” from your regular Afrobeats song.

Screen grab of the Music video

After a couple Weeks with the recording process at both regina and Saskatoon trips respectively and an exchange with the sound engineer “Rosesonic” , we found ourselves on your way to Weyburn for the Music Video shoot with the talented and creative genius “Christopher” of Phantasma Photography.

We also had models – Ariana Donovan and Franka Dior on set for the music video. We decided not to go with the usual flow of a music video and tried a more experimental burlesque -type imagery which seemed to work perfectly fine with our vision.

The Music video is set to release in less than 48 hours (28th Feb) and I’m so pumped and excited to share this creative project. If you haven’t heard the song, kindly check out this link below 👇🏾 lyrics would be updated on all digital streaming platforms as soon as possible as well.


For just $10, Get the ”Rooky Xpecial Package” which includes the ”Satori” EP + 2 exclusive Songs and a Discount for Merch and Concerts!

It’s 3 weeks to the release of my highly anticipated Sophomore EP “Satori” on digital streaming platforms and i have decided to release a ‘xpecial package’ for all my listeners. It is a huge way to directly support my music and artistry by purchasing my digital assets and also connecting to my music by having the first listen and a direct exclusive link to my art. I appreciate your love, support and patronage.

Purchase Below

Rooky Writes Poetry : “The Return of the Pen”

Happy last weekend of January Guys! as we “March” into the new month, I’ve found myself in the arms of my words. My Sophomore Project called “Satori” drops pretty soon and I can’t wait to share all my creative endeavours with you. Here is my attempt to start posting my poetry again (for those who know I write) and for those who don’t ,welcome to “Rooky Writes Poetry” and for today I present to you “The Return of the Pen”

Aaron Burden – Unsplash

Once again

I am compelled to call upon the power of my pen

I scribble out my emotions on paper with ink

I call upon my heart and my mind to think

And I get drunk from the tears I drink

For I only write , from a lesson I learn

Once again

I am kissing Mary Jane

For in her fiery embrace I numb the pain

And even for a moment in time,

The world feels less insane

For I only write , from a lesson I learn

Once again

My heart breaks when I hear your voice

My soul aches when I see your face

For I know you are no longer here

You’re far away , away from lovers fear

And I am left to hurt for I was sincere

For I only write , from a lesson I learn

AFRODISIAC2022! By Rooky transforms Regina’s Live Music Scene into a Night of Colorful Melodies and Diverse Rhythm! (Event Photo Gallery)

The adversity of the cold fingers of winter and the ever raging jaws of the “Pandemic” was not enough to stop the fans of live local music from coming to my first headlined concert “ Afrodisiac” which took place in Cloud 9 Live in Regina on Saturday the 8th of January.

Featuring performances from various artist from both Regina and Saskatoon , we had a fair share of exhilarating performances , melodic vibes and vocal dexterity leaving the attendees yearning for another possible concert in the future *Fingers crossed*

We had superb performances from ROOKY featuring tracks from his forthcoming Sophomore EP which is titled “SATORI” (more info to be announced later) with Alexander James on keys , William Barnett on Guitars and Eric Vass on the Bass guitar, to the sonorous vocals of Nini Jegz, Joseph Shane and Zochi! We had the ground hoping to IIsaiah Bennett’s summer vibrations as well as the Duo Stage terror of Macc Davis and T Deniro and finally Afrobeat wave from Zweii. Music was provided by DJ Jeriko and Mc’d by Vibya and Vuyo.

Photographer Quentin Friesen was on ground to capture the memories of one of the most musically diverse concerts in the city this year and here is a montage of images that tell the visual story about the nights activities!

Rooky on CTV LIVE Regina – Interview + Live Performance of debut Single “CNTRL”

It’s 2022! We are gearing up for the electrifying night of amazing musical performances at my Concert “Afrodisiac” which is on the 8th of January! . Check link for more info

We had a quick chat with CTV Regina and gave a chilly Live performance of Debut Single “CNTRL” enjoy!

Rooky on CTV LIVE Regina

Saskatchewan Music Award Nomination / Radio Interview on the Global Voice at CFCR 90.5 SASKATOON.

Rooky for Sask Music

The year couldn’t have ended any better! we got a nomination for the Hip Hop Artist of the Year award category for the Saskatchewan Music Awards 2021,,article/7150/the-2021-saskatchewan-music-awards-nominees

Super Grateful for the awesome people at Sask Music for the nomination and all the media support i have received this year , its always a honor to be recognized for your talent and artistry! also looking forward to bringing it home…

We also had a radio interview at Saskatoon’s CFCR 90.5 Radio on the Global Voice Show and it was a fun and experience filled discussion. You can check it out here

looking forward to creating and releasing more music for everyone and lets not forget , for the good people in Regina and environs : I have a show for my people in the new year – Jan 8th on Saturday at Cloud 9 Live , show starts at 9pm and ends by Midnight, we are also going to have lots of performances from other amazing artists and a special package for attendees. for more info kindly check out this link as well …

Rooky at CFCR Saskatoon.

ROOKY in partnership with Cloud9 Live presents : “AFRODISIAC”

First off , I wanna thank each and everyone who has being supporting ROOKY music! Be it in cash , kind, referrals and listening… 2021 has being an amazing year and we are looking forward to making the coming year one to remember.

The Team and I have a very spicy and special Show lined up for you at “AFRODISIAC” set for JANUARY 8th at Cloud 9 Live in Regina. Doors open at 8:30pm and the Show starts by 9pm till Midnight after which there would be an hour of dancing, connecting and all round fun!

Hosted by the Amazing Vibya , we would be submerged in great music through the night from outstanding Regina based Artists such as Zweii , Zochi , T Deneiro , Macc Davies and others to be announced later!

Tickets go for $10 and would also be available at the door. All protocols and rules concerning Covid-19 would be strictly adhered to (Need Proof of Vaccination to be allowed in )

For more information and enquiry kindly contact the Event manager on the contact listed on the Event Brite page link below

Event Brite

New Single ‘SHIVA’ drops August 20th! – All You Need to Know.

Official cover art for “SHIVA”

As we draw closer to the end of summer , I figured I needed to put out some music for my people before we heard back into the cocoon of winter ; when the parties are less and the vibrant energy that the sun brings begins to fade away. “SHIVA” is my stylized term coined from the English word “SHIVER” which is defined by the Urban Dictionary as “ a quiver , quake or shudder which occurs as a response to cold , fear or excitement” . Drawing from that analogy, The song seeks to define the feeling of “Shiva’s” we can experience when we are in the presence of a beautiful energy (soul). It also eulogizes the feminine prowess and the admiration of their bodily abilities. In simple terms, I decided to give y’all a gbedu!

To portray this , I decided to go with the rhythmic influence of Afrobeats with the help of Virtouso Producer “Wizad” , aided by writings from the my self and Ladi Samuel. The sound engineering was done by Sir Bastien. This single is a gate way to more melodious sounds as I am gearing towards my sophomore EP release which I am frankly very excited about (rumours say it would drop end of August or Early September)

Back cover with credits

The Song is going to be available worldwide on the 20th of August ,2021. On all digital streaming platforms! and I hope it makes you “Shiva!”