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New Single ‘SHIVA’ drops August 20th! – All You Need to Know.

As we draw closer to the end of summer , I figured I needed to put out some music for my people before we heard back into the cocoon of winter ; when the parties are less and the vibrant energy that the sun brings begins to fade away. “SHIVA” is my stylized term coined […]

Rooky releases Brand New Single “Luv Me”

2021 has been off to a fairly good start, I mean asides the Covid-19 situation and what not but nevertheless we are alive and thriving and that’s what’s important. I got so many reviews on my last release and decided to switch the vibe up a bit and this gave birth to my latest release! […]


its almost Valentine and love is in the air! or not… Pain and Pleasure was inspired by true life events much like all my songs but this specific song happened to come after a tough fall out with a love affair. it got me thinking about how we never take into consideration the two sides […]

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