The Creative process behind my latest single “Inna Eyes”

Created by Rukevwe Emeni

The process of creating this song started from my search on what “Afro” influenced genre or style that I can deliver , I had decided that the instrumentation would guide my song writing as I wanted the muse to guide my Melodies.

It was about 1/2am one early morning and after a remote studio session with my friend and long time producer Skyler “Cools” from Saskatoon. We decided to work on an Afrobeats record which lead to an intriguing brainstorming process. After he laid out the beat idea , I started my song writing process.

Inna Eyes was written with a two dimensional point of view in mind. It’s a love story that speaks about the beauty of requited love and also appreciation of that feeling . while fully knowing the dangers of all that could go wrong but enjoying the moment and staying true to the essence of that love.

The song starts with the whistling and choral “Don’t stop turning me on” from Rooky , accompanied by William Burnett’s guitar licks. For sonically pleasing Melodies we can hear the sonorous voice of Nini Jegz at the Last chorus of the song. After which William comes back with the body swaying “Guitar Solo” which simply differentiates “Inna Eyes” from your regular Afrobeats song.

Screen grab of the Music video

After a couple Weeks with the recording process at both regina and Saskatoon trips respectively and an exchange with the sound engineer “Rosesonic” , we found ourselves on your way to Weyburn for the Music Video shoot with the talented and creative genius “Christopher” of Phantasma Photography.

We also had models – Ariana Donovan and Franka Dior on set for the music video. We decided not to go with the usual flow of a music video and tried a more experimental burlesque -type imagery which seemed to work perfectly fine with our vision.

The Music video is set to release in less than 48 hours (28th Feb) and I’m so pumped and excited to share this creative project. If you haven’t heard the song, kindly check out this link below 👇🏾 lyrics would be updated on all digital streaming platforms as soon as possible as well.


I Had my First Full learnt Radio Interview in Canada x Being featured by the Pr Diva on A Canadian Playlist!

Photography by Rick Davis

I mean it’s being a year now since I came out of my hiatus and it’s being quite a journey back in the music world. From releasing my debut EP “Worlds Apart” (can be found on any store) to releasing a couple of singles , switching between sounds and experimenting on my rhythm and also diversifying my aesthetics to position my brand in a more relatable fashion. I’m a work in progress , an uncut gem but you know what they say , the more the pressure , the shinier the gold! I can’t wait to share all the beautiful music I have being working on all 2021 and I can only thank and appreciate y’all who have taken out your time to reach out and also support my music in your various ways ; little or big!

A couple months ago , I had an interview with a Canadian radio station called “Master Class Radio” based in Calgary, hosted by Radio Maestro “Steve”for about 24+ minutes and it was a wonderful experience , we shared ideas and talked at learnt about my music , our shared love for our homeland Nigeria amongst other things… we also gave an exclusive *shhh* if you didn’t catch it , here’s a link below

My latest single “Luv Me” (Produced by Tony Andrew x Andre Vibez) was also featured on a Canadian playlist by the Pr Diva for a musical platform called Digimillenials which focuses on bridging the gap between African artist living in the diaspora (Canada) to their people back home by introducing their sounds to a familiar audience. Big thanks to The Pr Diva for the feature. To check out the feature and other songs that may capture your interest check out the link below

Playlist by The Pr Diva for Digimillennials

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time.

The World is yours, Rooky!